SPORTS CIRCUS INT.- provides professional player management services in all stages of the career and our experienced Management team takes all necessary efforts to make each individual player to find ‘his’ ideal offer. We are negotiating for our clients, we are providing legal advise and international tax consultancy and we are ‘designing`client orientated marketing & public relation services.

SPORTS CIRCUS INT.- an international football network for best fitting solutions for our clients career and life.

International Transfers

We work worldwide together with over 300 clubs from different Divisions and Leagues. We are directly connected to the sports directors, head coaches and the scouting departments. Our transfer network consists of well selected international FIFA certified agents and scouts who are working for us as our exclusive partners. Young prospective players profit from our co-operations with international Youth academies and new-talent programs around the world.

Contract Negotiations

Professional experiences from our qualified FIFA licensed agents and specialised lawyers enable mutual agreements between club and player for a co-operative Team work from the beginning. Our negotiated contracts are based on the official FIFA statutes and are individually adapted to the certain relationship.We are also helping with sponsorship deals, marketing cooperations and media rights selling.

Legal Representation

For our clients we work internationally together with specialised lawyers. The fields of law are sports and football rights, tax and financial matters, media rights and personal consultancy in private affairs.

Tax Consultancy and Financial planning

With our International Tax agency partner from London we provide individually optimised international tax solutions to our clients for their football player specific matters and their personal life-circumstances. We also take care of our clients financial planning and investments guidance.

Marketing & Public Relations services

Within our international network of marketing experts, agencies and awarded designer, we create impressive and unique player promotion conceptions to attract public awareness, to spread media presence and to maximise finally the market value.

We co-operate with the right persons in all the Marketing departments of the ‘big’ Sport brands worldwide for player related marketing as Testimonials.